Walking down the city alleys, you'll see the faces and
come across the real people living in the "Eternal City".

The tour starts at the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, designed by the architect De Sanctis and built between 1723 to 1726. Nowadays it's a famous meeting point for locals and a set for fashion shows.
Passing by the Column of the Immaculate Conception, erected to celebrate a Roman Catholic Dogma; you'll reach the Trevi Fountain, probably the most famous fountain in the world.
Begun by the architect Salvi and completed by a different one 30 years later.
Don't forget to throw a coin in the water in order to return to Rome.
Walking through the city center you'll see Piazza Colonna, named after the roman column standing in the middle and the Palazzo Montecitorio, the Italian Parliament.
Then it's time for a Coffee Break, thanks to the famous espresso coffee you’ll understand for yourself the reason why in Rome you won't see any Starbucks.
If you don’t like coffee, you’ll taste a delicious ice-cream. Next you'll enter the Pantheon, a pagan temple built by order of emperor Hadrian (118-125 AD) to celebrate All Gods. Admiring it in all its grandeur, you’ll get why it’s still considered the greatest architecture and engineering masterpiece ever erected by humans. Inside it’s the "oculus", the hole in the middle of the vault made to light the dome.
Then the guide will accompany you to Navona square, Piazza Navona.
The square is considered the triumph of Baroque art in Rome. Built over a Roman athletic games stadium, but is now very famous for the Fountain of Four Rivers designed by Bernini.
The last thing to see is Campo de' Fiori, Meadow of flowers, a square once used as place of public executions by the Roman Inquisition, nowadays a market with stands selling food and flowers.