The Vatican Museums are over 9 miles (14,5 kilometers)
long, with 70 thousand artworks displayed and visited
by over 5 million people per year.

If you spend only 1 minute in front of every piece of artwork it would take you 4 years to see the entire collection. Definitely, it's one of things you can't miss in Rome but, without a guide, it's very difficult to get the secrets and feel the spirituality of this place.
The Vatican Museums offer masterpieces of art collected by Popes over the centuries.
You'll walk through the Pine-Cone courtyard, the Gallery of Candelabra and the Gallery of Maps to reach the Sistine Chapel.
The place where Cardinals elect the Pope, one of the holiest catholic places in the world, is especially known all around the universe for Michelangelo's paintings: The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgment over the altar.
Then you'll see St. Peter's Basilica. Built over the tomb of the apostle Peter, it's the longest church in the world and the heart of Catholicism. Inside you'll be amazed by its size, beauty and artworks such as Michelangelo's Pietà; Bernini's Baldachin; and the Tomb of Pope John Paul II.
The last site of your visit will be St. Peter's Square, where you will recognize the window where the Pope comes out each Sunday to pray the Angelus.